Following are just a few of the things our clients and colleagues are saying about CCP:

“Kelly is an outstanding, well-respected leader in our community. As CEO of the Pluta Cancer Center, Kelly recognized and addressed some significant issues including the Center’s ability to survive as a standalone treatment center in today’s medical environment.  Her negotiating, problem-solving and leadership skills were evident during the year-long process of identifying a new partner, detailing an agreement and successfully leading her team though the integration of two systems." -- Michael Goonan, Chief Financial Officer, University of Rochester Medical Center

“As a physician leader for Unity Health, I have relied on Kelly to coach and guide me through many of the changes that have occurred in healthcare over the past few years. Her approach of leadership by example is key to success. She is the easiest consultant I have ever worked with. She listened to what we needed, and tailored her approach to our needs. This was key for us. She worked with us, and for us, and gave us exactly what we wanted.”  -Albert Jones, Jr., MD, Chair, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Unity Health System

"Natalie is an exceptional, well-respected leader. We have had the opportunity to partner with Natalie and the various agencies she has represented over the last decade. Her outstanding communication skills, ability to form solid, effective partnership and engage teams to find solutions to complex problems are extraordinary. She is a dynamic individual, and easily earns the respect of those around here, regardless of differences in communication styles or personalities. Natalie has the unique and highly sought-after ability to bring out the best in others. Her capacity to form enduring, strategic relationships and demonstrate appreciation for each individual’s contributions are refreshing-- Robert Titus, CEO, Innovative Solutions

" As a female physician, I was finding it harder to lead a balanced life between work, family, and personal health and happiness. Kelly helped me determine my strengths, values, and needs—and how to ask for what I wanted. Working with Kelly helped me begin living the life I desired. I have strengthened my family and personal life and feel more 'in sync' with my career. I owe much of my success to Kelly for her encouragement, support and new ideas. Kelly has very open and honest communication skills. She is able to understand and appreciate different styles and can adjust to different personalities effortlessly. Kelly has mastered the skills to connect with others in a meaningful and genuine way. She has an art for helping people do the things that lead to huge rewards and making the choices that will take anyone where they truly want to go"-- Marcia Krebs, MD, medical oncologist, University of Rochester Medical Center

"The ability to lead is a skill far more often learned than inate and certainly one that is not formally taught in medical school. Yet, more and more physicians are being placed in positions of group responsibility without a background in or a solid framework for leadership. As in athletics, a mentor or coach needs an understanding of the subject, to provide insight and motivation and assess success or failure fairly and without bias. Having worked with her in various capacities, I can attest that Kelly has these skills. She has worked in both corporate and medical leadership positions. She has a keen appreciation of the intellectual and emotional 'contracts' that surround human interaction, and she is able to assess and review progress with fairness and a wonderful sense of humor. I have experienced this over the past two years and learned a great deal–so will you." -- Jan Dombrowski, MD, radiation oncologist, University of Rochester Medical Center

Over the course of many years I have had the privilege of working with very few individuals who are as strong, effective and inspiring as Natalie Anderson. Natalie has a depth of expertise in forging bonds and professional relationships that I have not found in others. During her tenure as Vice President at Villa of Hope and through the embracing strength of her character and personality, Natalie has fostered significant growth, led a highly successful rebranding effort, and managed a vigorous campaign to further raise awareness of the organization. She also conducted a concerted effort to link elected officials and prominent leaders of companies to the business, and was integral in fostering a significant period of growth for that organization. Natalie accomplished much of this success by developing and nurturing relationships with individuals across our community. From, Natalie possesses that rare, innate ability to form a connection, foster a bond and quickly cultivate meaningful and sincere professional relationships with great energy and vibrant leadership. Natalie has the unwavering presence of a person firm in her conviction, compelling in her wit and intelligence and yet so at ease that you quickly come to call her your friend. -- John Mealey, Director of Sales, City Blue Imaging Services

"In her role as CEO at Pluta Cancer Center, I had the opportunity to witness Kelly’s extensive talents in the context of many different situations, from daily operational challenges to highly charged political situations. Her ability to lead staff and physicians is remarkable, her analytical acumen is superb, and her ability to formulate and implement both vision and strategy is striking.  Further, she was masterful in teaching all of those skills to those around her. It is only natural that she is now sharing that expertise with CommuniCare clients and I am confident that CommuniCare clients will benefit greatly.” -- Teri U. Guidi, MBA FAAMA, President & CEO, Oncology Management Consulting Group

Natalie is a creative, visionary leader who will add instant value to any organization with which she works. I have been fortunate to work with Natalie on projects involving small start-ups, large health providers and community organizations. In every case, Natalie was able to quickly identify opportunities for revenue enhancement, program diversification and cost savings, and then capture them in short order. At every step, she is committed to meaningful improvement and superb client service and will work tirelessly to achieve your organization’s goals.  -- Joe Casion, Partner, Harter Secrest & Emery LLP

 “Kelly could be put into any situation and be successful. She is very, very intelligent, very resourceful and she can relate to all levels of individuals. She can take any project and systematically analyze, synthesize and convert to the most simplified form that needs to be done. She inspires people and has great, great leadership skills. She is truly an amazing individual."  -- Sharon Mangione, HR Director, Carestream Health

“I’ve used Kelly as a coach for both leadership and communication challenges over the course of my career—whether developing the messaging for a significant academic speech, leadership advice, or counsel on how to position a new product launch. Kelly brings energy and a fresh perspective to her clients. She understands the challenges and opportunities in a broad range of industries—from higher education and healthcare to small businesses and large corporations." -- Molly Keogh, PhD, Assistant Professor, Nazareth College

Over the past two decades, Natalie has served in leadership roles in well-known community institutions. At those sites, she skillfully focused her efforts on employee engagement and empowerment, while directing organizational development and growth through highly successful marketing and fundraising campaigns. Natalie is a master communicator, who truly excels at establishing trust with both employees and external constituents. Her instincts in strategy development and project execution have always been spot on, ensuring the most efficient and effective use of program resources.  I worked with Natalie during her tenure as CEO of Daystar, and her talents will be easily transferred to a broad variety of agencies and businesses. -- Ann M. Delehant, Owner, Delehant & Associates

 “Kelly’s ability to grasp an issue, engage her team in finding a solution and then leading the implementation is unmatched, in my experience. Whether addressing operational issues, solving human resource concerns, raising funds or managing multiple and sometimes conflicting interests, Kelly has shown that she is a natural leader." -- Jean VanEtten, Director of Communications, Pluta Cancer Center (retired)

"Kelly McCormick-Sullivan is the consummate professional. Kelly is among the most insightful executives with whom I have ever worked. She sees the larger picture and yet she also sees the individual pixels. She knows how to assemble those pixels into the best possible full screen. Kelly is a visionary -- someone who can focus on details and project into the future. She sees multiple possibilities and outcomes where most of us might see only one or two.” -- Tom Proietti, Resident Scholar in Media, St. John Fisher College

“Kelly has given me the coaching, confidence, and resources I have needed to excel in my position and as a young professional. She gains the trust of others and immediately puts them at ease.” -- Tricia Marsherall, Manager of Advancement Services, Jewish Senior Life Foundation

 “Kelly communicates phenomenally well with people at all levels of the organization. I’ve watched her work with challenging leaders, and she is one of the few to get them to listen. They relied on her and listened to what she had to say. Kelly also understands the processes and tools that are needed to carry out a vision. She is always on the ball and is so good at assessing situations and problem solving."  -- Larry O'Meal, Vice President, Learning & Organization Development, Corporate Coach, Human Resources, Excellus

 “Kelly McCormick-Sullivan brings to her daily life an integrity that is refreshing and real. Her ability to bring people together with honesty and joy is inspiring. Compassion and wisdom combine to be uplifting and life-giving. “ -- Elizabeth Osta, Member, Patient Advisory Board, Pluta Cancer Center

 “At The Coca-Cola Company, Kelly’s projects involved extensive vendor relations, the development of internal and external communications, training design and delivery, data analysis, systems consulting and process improvement strategies. Through extensive client consultation and communications, the initiatives were positive, value-adding strategies. Kelly’s skills are many and varied. Her intelligence, communications skills and proactivity place her far ahead of the majority of her peers. Her wonderful disposition and attitude significantly contributed to the quality of our work life. She is truly an outstanding individual.”  -- Ken Levine, Manager, Purchasing Services Group, The Coca-Cola Company (retired)